Cooking has long been a staple in the tradition of family and bringing people closer together. In my opinion there is nothing more satisfying than a nice home-cooked meal on a wintry evening. Food is a like any hobby in that practice makes perfect, and the only way to hone your cooking skills is by doing. In the contemporary food market there is a huge variety of useful resources from cooking shows and classes to ‘do it yourself’ methods like cook books and internet tutorials. However you may have taught yourself to cook over the years, it’s no secret that the topic of food is popular and more accessible than ever.

What I want to get across to people is the following question – is cooking an art form? There is no easy answer to this as every single person will have their own views on this topic. From my point of view though I believe yes, cooking can be a form of art as there is a strong difference between cooking food and eating food. An article in The Guardian agrees with me here stating how “food becomes not only spiritual nourishment but art, sex, ecology, history, fashion and ethics.” Food and cooking is a fantastic way to connect with those closest to us and strangers alike. Much like music being a universal language, it doesn’t matter what language you speak or what culture you’re from, food speaks to everybody.

Not everybody realises how much talent and practice has gone into their meal being cooked for them. This is why things like cooking channels are ideal as they offer insights into what it takes to successfully run a restaurant, work in a kitchen as a chef and offer tips on how to create the tastiest dishes. There are also many bespoke catering service providers like Elizabeth Caton who are fully experienced in delivering the best dishes on the menu at organized events. So for example, if it is your desire to learn catering in Brighton, it is often these sorts of localised businesses which can set the finest example for why cooking can constitute as art through tailored classes and demonstrations.

Cookery enthusiasts and celebrity chefs like Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay and Nigella Lawson all chose to be chefs and food writers because they love cooking and how versatile it is. To create a visually stimulating dish you really have to put a lot of thought into the whole process, from planning what ingredients you’re going to buy, to calculating the timing of a perfectly cooked meal down to the finishing presentation.