When planning your wedding, you have to make sure everything works together seamlessly. You can’t plan one aspect without having to take into consideration how it will affect the other. One example of this is if you’re having a wedding reception in a rather unusual setting – for example, on a barge or parents’ house. You can’t bring in the dance floor, DJ and kitchen, as well as 100 dining tables and the staff to serve them! You soon find you have to make some compromises to make your wedding run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

If you are having a wedding reception on small premises, you may have to sacrifice the sit-down dinner. Of course, you need to be able to feed your guests! So what are the options left to you? People typically go for a buffet-style meal if there’s no opportunity for formal dining.

By providing gourmet buffet food, you can keep the class and fine-dining of a formal wedding reception without the tediousness, staff and extra room required for it. Foodstuffs like tartines, rich dips and salads will provide delicious, filling food for all your guests without taking up lots of room. Ideas for some delicious buffet food can be found on the BBC’s Good Food website.

In terms of sweet things to eat, you’ll obviously first and foremost need a wedding cake. For many people compromising on tradition for the benefit of saving space, getting rid of the cake is taking it one step too far. But for some, new innovative ideas regarding wedding cakes add an exciting aspect to a wedding reception. Ideas like wedding cake pops or white frosted cupcakes are a kind of pre-cut wedding cake, meaning that there is no mess, and an abundance of tasty food in exciting new shapes and designs.

So whether you’re having your wedding reception on a boat, your back garden or the cupboard under the stairs, by serving up smaller meal choices, you can ensure that you keep the class and elegance of a wedding meal without the space-consuming tradition. Happy eating!