It’s great to enjoy your time in the kitchen, adding meals to your repertoire. Variety is the key to success when it comes to keeping your cooking fun and interesting,but as you cook a wider variety of food, you’ll also need to learn how to properly use a wider variety of cooking utensils. You are much more unlikely to set fire to the kitchen, or cut your finger whilst putting a ready-meal in the microwave, but you are also far less likely to do anything that will excite anyone’s taste buds or learn a new skill besides how to pierce the plastic first. As you learn to cook, you must also learn how to prepare carefully and clean after the fact. These sound like boring tasks, but they are as essential as the cooking knowledge when it comes to being an asset in the kitchen.



Knives are one of the most dangerous and essential kitchen implements and they are the cause of most kitchen related accidents. Even on a minor scale, small cuts, slip ups and sliced fingers are almost an inevitable part of working in a kitchen and it is important to prevent the severity and frequency of these cuts. It may sound counter-intuitive, but sharp knives are actually part of the key to preventing accidents and cuts. By exclusively using very sharp knives and keeping your knives sharp, you ensure that all of your cutting actions are deliberate and your food is easier and quicker to cut without putting the food or your hand in awkward positions whilst trying to get more downward force. You are much more likely to cut yourself with a blunt knife because in the struggle to cut your food you are likely to slip into your own hand.


Burns are another very common kitchen accident that occurs, fortunately they are usually much less likely to be serious than a cut or another accident but minor burns are common and almost always the result of carelessness. Countless burns occur when taking something out of the oven, usually for not using the proper kitchen gloves or utensils. Time and time again, we will make the mistake of trying to make a shortcut by using a towel or acting quickly when it comes to dealing with hot kitchen-wear and it is with these shortcuts where accidents and injuries occur. No matter how many times we’re burned, in the heat of the moment we’ll always jump at the chance to save 10 seconds looking for the oven gloves by grabbing the nearest tea-towel. Needless to say, this is a mistake, and will result in being burned, but knowing this information, most of us are very unlikely to stop.

Professional Kitchens

In professional kitchens all of the rules change dramatically, or rather simply become much more strict and important with good reason. A professional kitchen is much busier and fast paced than a domestic space, particularly because you are constantly making food to a deadline at the fastest possible speed for the customer, this means that it is very difficult and slow down to a pace that you feel comfortable and safe with because this is essential if you are to avoid minor and serious injuries in a professional kitchen. The team needs to work fluidly together to ensure both speed and safety for the staff and the customers. If you have been involved in a accident at work that wasn’t your fault you can try AYB Law in Preston, a company that have been nothing less than efficient, professional and effective in all of my experience of working with them. Legal action may seem like a drastic step, but these cases actually improve the safety of everyone that you work with and can help to prevent more serious injuries later down the line as problems develop.