Holidays are a break from routine and give us time to spend doing the things that we enjoy. It is a word that evokes happiness and a far off feeling of relaxation. If like me, one of your passions is good food, then an all inclusive bog standard deal really might not cut it for you, so i’ve been looking into different options that you might like to try for yourself.

Sensatori Resorts

This was my first real ‘luxury’ holiday. Yes it was all inclusive, but it was unlike any other package deal that I have ever been on. Gourmet dining is part of the package with Sensatori, and I would recommend it to anyone, there wasn’t a soggy salad cart anywhere in sight. Every hotel has at least 6 restaurants so there is always plenty of choice, and they all have at least one restaurant serving local fayre from the country that you are staying in. This is something that is really important to me when I am travelling in, and I will spend hours looking at guide books to pick up tips on the local cuisine. In Egypt I found that most of the foods that I was looking forward to trying for the first time were actually on offer in the restaurants, and when I compared them to the stuff from the markets, you could see that the flavours and ingredients were obviously authentic. Besides from the food, the whole experience was one of luxury and I would not hesitate to recommend this for anyone looking to get away from it all.

Organised Wine and Food Tours

There are an increasing number of operators who are providing these kind of organised and catered foodie tours and they are a great option for you if you have a love or curiousity for a particular country, area or cuisine. We’ve taken a couple of different tours, through Spain and Chile. Both completely different and with different operators but both times we have  found that the local guides know where you should eat and what you should avoid. This adds so much value to the experience of dining abroad and both times our guide has been an absolute god send.

I am really into food and wine production and have got to see the process end to end which I found to be so much better than even I could have imagined, and on top of that I got to scoff my way through some really amazing food. This isn’t the cheapest way to go on holiday and I would think about going it alone in these places now I have been before with a fantastic guide, but if you don’t feel 100% comfortable about a place that you want to visit, this is the perfect solution and you can be sure that you will have a good time.

Personal Chef Holidays

We tried skiing for the first time last year and decided that since it was our anniversary we would push the boat out a little bit. We stayed in a chalet that had its own personal chef and my- what an experience! Five mornings in a row we had wonderful food cooked for us before heading out for a days skiing. When we arrived back in the afternoon it was to a selection of beautiful cakes that tasted out of this world and were just the ticket after the days physical exertions. And when evening time came around it was a matter of tucking into canapés and a four course meal with wine included, perfectly matched to the dishes that were being served to us.

Having a personal chef was a revelation, not only could they make the things that we liked, but they would make them the way we liked too. Perfect if you have any allergies or like things to be just so. Again, this isn’t a holiday that I could afford to take every year, but it is definitely one that I would recommend that all foodies take at least once in their lives. I really could get used to it. Check out Venture Ski for yourself.

Overall, you know that you will probably have fun on holiday whatever you end up doing, or wherever you end up going. But spending some time thinking about the things that you really love and ensuring that your chosen holiday can cater for that will elevate a great holiday into something that is truly sublime.