Even though summer is quite a few months away many people are planning and booking there holidays now to get some of the best advance deals on flights and accommodation. Whenever I think about travelling and holidays I’ve enjoyed I often reminisce about some of my favourite meals, restaurants, cafes, markets full of produce and other fine pubs and eating establishments I’ve visited. Makes me hungry just thinking about it!

If you are thinking of booking a holiday soon here’s a quick round up of some of my favourite cuisines from around the world that you can try your hand at at home.


Pizza is one of my favourite foods that doesn’t necessarily have to be enjoyed in moderation as these 25 suggestions for healthy pizzas from Cooking Light prove. Pizza is traditionally from Italy and many of the classic pizza recipes feature some of the finest ingredients sourced from Italy and the Mediterranean such as fine cuts of ham, salami and other Italian sausage, mozzarella, juicy tomatoes, olives and fine herbs like basil and oregano.

Like many of the greatest foods, pizza travels well and has been adapted to appeal to different palettes all over the world, often instigated by Italian families emigrating and travelling across the world to areas like New York, Chicago, Manchester and London amongst countless other cities and regions around the world.


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Traditionally from Spain but easily adapted and digested by many other cultures, like the Greek Mezze, Tapas features many tasty morsels presented as one meal to enjoy in one sitting. Like an English buffet of the highest standard, good tapas features excellent quality, well sourced ingredients such as high quality cuts of pork and chicken, good quality and exotic seafood, vegetables, short grain rice and a range of delicious complementary garnishes, sauces and marinades.

As Tapas is served in medium portions of small morsels it makes it the ideal meal to enjoy with friends or family. Everyone can try a mouthful of everything and there’s always something that even the fussiest of eaters will enjoy like meatballs or simple dishes packed with flavour using chorizo. Tapas can easily be adapted to include people’s personal taste and dietary requirements and can be easily replicated at home.


Many people are put off by sushi for a number of reasons. I myself am not a huge fan of seafood but enjoy some dishes like swordfish, prawns, calamari and traditional fish and chips. I tried some sushi from a supermarket one day and was surprised how delicious it can be and since have tried it from a variety of different establishments.

Many people think because sushi is comprised of raw fish that it is going to have an unpleasant, heavy, fishy aroma and taste however this isn’t the case. My favourite varieties of sushi contain ingredients like sweet red pepper which compliment the flavours of the rice, seaweed wrap and fish to create a balanced and varied flavour with each mouthful.

Sushi wraps with tuna are popular amongst people who aren’t a fan of seafood and offer the lean, health benefits of fish while having a substantial meaty flavour. Vegetarian and vegan variations can also be prepared to suit all tastes.  Check out Marisa Bagget’s ideas for vegan sushi for some tips and great ingredient combinations.

Impress Friends with New Flavours

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A range of great foods can be a great way to bring people together and make a lasting impression. Why not try some of the ideas in this article for yourself? If you are thinking of catering for an event why not see how Marshall Catering (http://www.marshall-catering.com/) can help you get organised and prepared.